SEO Trends of 2013

A lot of changes were seen in terms of search algorithms, search engine results and the whole search arena last year – and this year in 2013 there are a whole range of new factors that will dominate SEO. Ofcourse, quality of content and links will play the biggest role.

SEO company has prepared a nice info-graphic on this that explains

Quality of Content

Author Rank

Mobile Response

Content Marketing


Social Signals

SEO Trends of 2013

Avi Koirala
Digital Search Consultant at EMETRIK
Hi, I am Avi. I have 10+ years of search marketing experience, both in-house and agency environments, and have successfully managed many over-performing digital search campaigns. I am one of the Co-Founder of E:Metrik digital agency with offices in Portsmouth and Bournemouth. Previously I worked for 7 years as a Global SEO Manager for a De’Longhi Group (presence in 50+ countries) where training was a key element of my day to day job.