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SEO Trends of 2013

A lot of changes were seen in terms of search algorithms, search engine results and the whole search arena last year – and this year in 2013 there are a whole range of new factors that will dominate SEO. Ofcourse, quality of content and links will play the biggest role.

SEO company has prepared a nice info-graphic on this that explains

Quality of Content

Author Rank

Mobile Response

Content Marketing


Social Signals

SEO Trends of 2013

Avi Koirala
Digital Search Consultant
Avi Koirala oversees digital search with a focus on SEO for the De'Longhi Group, covering De'Longhi, Kenwood, Braun and Ariete brands globally. The De'Longhi Group has an online presence in 50+ countries. During the weekends, he helps local SMEs to better understand SEO.
Avi has a BSc degree from Cyprus Institute of Marketing and has completed his postgraduate from University of the Highlands and Islands, Scotland.

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